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Hi. My name is David Rummelhoff, and I’m the guy behind Saint Finder. Last year, something happened in my life that prompted me to pray more than ever before, and to seek the intercession of many saints and blesseds. I often wanted to go somewhere that I could venerate the relics of these holy men and women who I was petitioning. Finding their relics, however, was extremely difficult. So, I began taking note of which relics were where, and I decided to build SaintFinder.org to provide a way for these treasures of the Church to be cataloged and discovered.

The saints, that great cloud of witnesses, are our allies, our brothers and sisters. I hope you will join me in honoring them.

If you can help us grow by sharing the location of relics at a parish, chapel, or shrine near you, then please do! Everyone is welcome to contribute, but we do require a one-time donation (of any amount). This is the best way to ensure quality submissions and to deter trolls and spammers.

David Rummelhoff


In the Catalog (Oct. 2017)